Bearing Fruit

“Josiah, please come and help here” said Kimiyoshi as he motioned me across the street. “This is older lady, she could use your help.” He brought me over to a small garden plot. It was completely fenced in with a net over the top, most likely for keeping out birds and such. Once I entered […]

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Smells like a campfire.

I love the smell of campfire smoke. I really do. Whenever my jacket smells like a good campfire I intentionally avoid washing it, just so I can keep it lingering. If you asked me why I liked it so much I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Maybe its because of the smell itself? Or […]

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A taste of Tsushima

So far I have been in Tsushima for 5 days and it has been a great adventure. I really love it here, even though I can hardly talk to anyone. I have been extremely blessed to come and work for God on this island. But where exactly am I you might be wondering? I am […]

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